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Body Contouring Services



Cavitation is the use of low-frequency ultrasounds to penetrate the skin and cause fat cells to break down. The fat cells cannot withstand the pressure of these vibrations, causing the cells to implode into a liquid form and pass through the body via the lymphatic system Which may result in lost inches on the treated areas and a slimmer figure. This procedure is a good alternative if you seek fat reduction in areas associated with liposuction.

Vacuum Butt Therapy

Butt vacuum therapy helps restore the skin's natural elasticity to soften the appearance of dimples on the thighs and buttock area. When done on the buttock are, vacuum therapy stimulates the muscle, breaks up cellulite and fat deposits, removes toxins, and improves the lymphatic system.


Laser Liposuction

Laser lipo is a cutting-edge, FDA-approved non-surgical, non-invasive cosmetic treatment that is an alternative to traditional liposuction and body contouring. This procedure has successfully reduced fat and contour the figures of millions, with noticeable and measurable results in place of other surgical weight loss procedures.


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Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy is a treatment that may help the skin, muscle tissue, and other parts of the body heal. With red light therapy, you expose your skin to a lamp, device, or laser with a red light using very low levels of heat that don't hurt or burn the skin. (It's not the same type of light used in tanning booths, and it doesn't expose your skin to damaging UV rays.)


Sauna Therapy

While laying flat inside the sauna blanket, at around 100F to 130F, the infrared sauna blanket creates a relaxing warmth and gently uses penetrating heat to raise the body's core temperature. This natural sequence is usually only triggered by activity or exercise. It allows the body to use its own natural system to detox via the process of sweat through the largest organ of the body- the skin.

Vacuum RF Therapy

Vacuum RF Therapy lifts the cellulite away from the muscle, encouraging blood flow, stimulating lymphatic drainage, and amplifying the effects of massage or exercise. It is similar to cupping. Using suction and pressure to release the fluids in the fat cells that cause cellulite. The added use of radiofrequency creates superficial and deep heating to connective tissues, dermal collagen fibers, and fat cells. It also softens connective tissue and produces collagen for improved skin elasticity and resilience, encouraging blood flow and stimulating lymphatic drainage.


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Mesolipo – Lipo Dissolve

Rederm's Meso Lipo (For Fat and Cellulite Reduction) is a revolutionary minimally invasive procedure that reduces and reshapes specific undesired pocket of fats in your body such as in your hips, thighs, stomach, bottom, back, waist, under breasts, underarms and above knees.


Body Depot

Body Depot provides Body Contouring  needs we have a variety of products and services for non invasive cosmetic care.
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